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KIWA AQUA® products enables water to act on its natural vibration via an information carrier. Water is enlivened and harmonized through the power of oxygen. You can read more about our products if you click on our above mentioned products.

The formula for healthy, enlivened water is:
water + energy + oxygen = living, energized water
All of us need approx 70.000 litres of drinking water during our life.

Since our organism consists of 70% to 75% of water, these 70 tons are substantially more important for our health and vitality than the average 10 tons of carbohydrates, 2.5 tons fat and 2 tons protein which we consume in the course of our life. To drinkfresh and pure water daily is an extremely important contribution to toour health. KIWA AQUA products supply you with almost fresh spring water in no time. Our regulations concerning the quality of our drinking water only mention a few substances and their limit value that are permissible in our water. For example, there are no definite limit values for asbestos, although millions of asbestos micro fibres have been proven to be contained in our water. The same happens with the fabric of our clothes in the washing machine.
Lime is eliminated with the waste water and does not get deposited in the fabric. The fabric is able to breathe again and does not irritate the skin. It is also of great advantage for our food when it is treated with activated water, since the vitamins and minerals contained therein are activated. All our KIWA health products work on the same basis: return almost to its natural oscillation producing that . Water an excellent memory conductor contained , thus, affects. The information activated products is superimposed onso that the body does perceiveany more. It falls by the wayside, sospeak, and is eliminated being deposited anywhere in the body. Eliminatedget deposited in the fabric is able to breathe again and does not irritate the skin. It is also of great advantage when it is treatedminerals contained therein.

All work on the same basis:The oscillation inherent in our body is activated and revitalized, harmful substances cannot settle in it any longer.

Detoxdays from 7. to 11. October 2018


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